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Oluwo: The Odidere Personified By Alli Ibraheem



Out of many, there is one other peculiarity of Iwo. The peculiar attribute is a friend of humanity but enemy of human, that is, the truth. Oluwo would say “TRUTH IS ARROGANT”

Odidere , the symbol of Iwo is the only speaking creature asides human being. Iwo was founded by Adekola Telu, who left Ile Ife with his entourage on instruction to settle at a place where a creature speaking like human is found.

Odidere is a bird and the best thing it does is to speak, speaking only the truth. Today, the symbol of Iwo is Odidere. Iwo itself is the home of the truth.

Oluwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, no doubt, has shaped the throne to the admiration of majority. Many call him a controversial monarch, Agreed. His controversies are products of two things- speaking and defending the truth, and promoting new monarchical system alien to many.

An holistic approach to his teachings will perfectly defines these two factors. Let’s dust our mind and tell the truth.

Telling the truth has commanded many to the opposite side of Oluwo. One other strength seen as weakness by many is, Oluwo will tell the truth openly. And it hurts, I mean those who hate the truth. Many will intentionally misrepresent the truth to discredit his throne.

Guess what? As posited by Oluwo, truth is arrogant. When Oluwo obeys the dictate of Odidere by telling and defending the truth, he boasts. When you boast with the truth, critics will say you are arrogant. Truth is a strength. It may take time but will surely survive. That is the secret of winning amidst thousands of controversies. Oluwo will further boasts “No one can dethrone the truth”.

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