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Muslims Can’t Continue To Live With Colonial Virus- Islamic Group Speaks On Arabic Inscriptions On Naira Notes,Badge Of Nigerian Army



An Islamic organization in Osun State, Jamaatu Taawunil Muslimeen has called on Nigerian Muslims to stop being in illusion of the colonial virus over Arabic inscriptions On Naira Notes and on the badge of Nigerian Army.

The organization made the call on Wednesday through it leader, Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan,at its headquarters in Iwo, Osun State

The organization said, “Even, we try to forget the past that throughout the centuries (800 years) that Islam got to Nigeria, there was little or no Christianity and also, if we are to forget the Yoruba folk sayings, that says, “Aye laba Ifa, Aye laba Imole (Islam), osan gangan ni Igbagbo (Christianity) wole de. (We met Oracle (Traditional religion) in the world, we met Islam in the world; it was late in the day that Christianity arrived), the history will not.

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“This means, if Muslims are to look into the past, the past that brought Christianity into the Western and Northern region through colonization and direct use of force (which involved killing of Muhammad Attahir 1, the last independent Sultan of Sokoto in 1903) at the beginning of the 19th century and they try to pay it back, there wouldn’t have been peace which we have long been enjoying.

“But, as a result of Muslim tolerance and generosity, they live as if nothing had happened.

“Whereas, every Muslim is well aware that both Saturday and Sunday off, are for Christian worshippers, despite that, there is no brouhaha.

“They know that the medical cross symbol originated from Churches, yet they are tolerant. They know there are many rights which they are being deprived off and despite that, their hearts are still accommodating.

“If one is now saying Arabic Ajami inscriptions on naira notes and Nigeria army should be removed, that they portray Nigeria as an Islamic State, despite knowing that it was first means of literacy on the continent, centuries before Western colonisers and Christian missionaries arrived with their Roman script and its A-Z alphabet, then, it show the level of their wickedness and hatred towards Islam and Muslims.

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“If that is the case, it is time we all go back to pre-colonial Nigeria, Nigeria without Saturday and Sunday off, Nigeria with Islamic civilization, Nigeria without English as official language and Nigeria that values human beings based upon their piety and conduct.

“Muslims can’t continue to live with this colonial virus because there will be problem for Nigeria” the organization said.

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