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Nigeria 60th Anniversary: DOJ Celebrates With Her Members Across The World



To begin with, I give thanks to Almighty God for His guidance and assistance.

DOJ members are very wonderful people. I am impressed with the performance and contributions of our all members across the world.

At the inception of this movement, I knew it will grow beyond our imagination but today I found like-minds that are taking ownership of the course towards the actualization of our mission.

I also salute the courage of the entire members across the world. To be truthful, I have not experienced a worldwide political movement like this in my life. My belief was that the Nigerian masses are not ready to sacrifice any longer because the hardship of the past; but to God be the glory. Nigerians prove that there is a challenge, it is our responsibility to look for a way out.

I am using this opportunity to apologize to those who I might have one way or another offended in the past. It’s because no one is a perfect being and I’m not an exception. Let us be more focused towards our mission and vision, by the special grace of God, all our efforts will never be wasted.

Happy Independent day to all Nigerians,
Happy independent day to all DOJs,
Happy independent day to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

By Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje, National Coordinator

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