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What Attraction Is



By Oladayo Ojo Samuel

As we had discussed in the previous episode of attraction; we all believe that it is sacrosanct and necessary for one to stay attractive every time. Which we all believe that it doesn’t come from nakedness.

It might have been bordering you as to what attraction is. This write up will take a critical look on what can keep you attractive unceasingly.

Things considered as agents of attraction are discussed below:

1. Character: This is the most important agent of attraction in an individual. Character is a personal emblem which describes an individual and of course an easy way of addressing the same. You are known and addressed by your character.

Character is changeable if you are ready to. Nowadays, extreme considering is giving to the outer part of the body, thinking it is the only way of staying attractive; no, it is not. Your character is the only way of drawing people closer to yourself and only this can keep them.

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Under character, there are many things that people look at in you, which are:
i. The way you address issue.
ii. How you behave under depression.
iii. How you can manage your anger and many others.

Remember, no one would be bewitched if these are not possessed.

2. Wisdom and knowledge: These are most important agents of attraction. If you want people around you to keep dreaming day and night about you, you have to lay the pillar of Wisdom and Knowledge.

Both sexes usually stay glue and attracted to one who is brilliant or intelligent because they are always presentable to friends, family, pastor and even in their work place; only because they are intelligent.

Sister and brother, no reasonable man would like to marry you because of designers you put on or because of your carefully plaited or haircut; intelligence can only knot them to pillar.

3. Your Look: I am well pleased to talk to some people here(sect), who believe that it is sinful to look good and use better cream (not bleaching creams). Some think they can be more Catholic than the Pope, or holies of holies. Thereby leasing out their hair for licelouses indefinitely (especially Sisters).

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Look, you won’t be attractive by not taking care of your hair, your shoes, your clothes, and especially your face.
You are religious? That should not restrict you from looking great; believe me, your Pastor or Imam might even hate talking to you if you look loose.

4. Humbleness: Proudness and humbleness contribute to the way people accept you in your street, church, school and work place. Saying sorry even when you are right does not make you to be a bozo. Being humble is essential, so, inculcate the habit.

5. The way you talk my sister and brother is also included. You keep talking uncensor till you spout out all your secret; and you want to bewitched that person?
You are mistaken, you can only bewitch yourself.

Let’s stop here till next time.

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Hammed Tajudeen is the editor in-chief of Blaze News, holds Higher National Diploma(HND) in Mass Communication, graduated from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree.

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