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Alekuwodo Road and Oyetola Terminations of Impossibility Myths



Comrade Fatai Tijani

Until recently, the myth or intuition of the people in Alekuwodo/ Akinlade in Osogbo , the state capital was that there was a curse on the roads networks of Alekuwodo community . As Yoruba, many believed instinctively in curse ( Ègún ) it was a strong believe that an utterance has invoked a supernatural power that inflict embargo on the construction of Alekuwodo road networks .

As a resident of the area, it may be difficult to blame those who hold such thought because there was urgent need for re-construction of the road which current administration just did , For over 20years living in Alekuwodo, and as the Public Relations Officer of the community , this is the first time any government is touching the road, not to talk of reconstruction. Since return of democracy in 1999, Alekuwodo with its population density was a determinant factor in Osun state politics, I stand to be corrected perhaps if we still have any political ward in the state that still parade 5,000 votes in any election. 5,000 votes for a political party has been a pattern in Alekuwodo for a very long time.

Unfortunately as much as the previous administration tried Alekuwodo was not prirortised. This neglect reinforced the believe that the road was cursed, but on the contrary I hold a view that it appeared that the people of Alekuwodo never understand their political aspiration or they overrated their political relevance in the area or how can you explain a situation where 5000 votes reside in a community and all you get is brazen infrastructural neglect, hence there was urgent need for reconstruction which the current administration just did.

Aside political importance, even if Nigeria as a nation do not have a reliable population data, the record of voting should be a pointer to the population density of Alakuwodo. If wellbeing of the majority of citizens in the state was the priority of the previous governments, the issue of Alekuwodo road ought to have been dealt with its commercial nature and economic relevance in the state capital.

A man of the moment that terminated the course in less than 540 days in office is Mr Gboyega Oyetola, his love for the people of Alekuwodo and the proactive measure in finding lasting solution to poor road network will remain golden in the history of Alekuwodo, Akinlade, Sawmill among others.

The re-construction of Alekuwodo, Akindeko, Akinlade, WAEC, roads which had been a long time injury to the residents of the area came as unexpected relief after the completion of the road which has suffered total neglect before the coming of Governor Oyetola.

The new re-construction road has no doubt redefined ease of doing business in the area, as a result of the poor road network, many had left the community and relocate to do business in other part of the state capital. At the beginning, there was scepticism, for the fear of failed political promises as experienced in the past. Our consolation about the spirit of governor Oyetola is that we are aware of the financial challenges facing the state and despite the paucity of fund, he was able to reconstruct the road to standard.

In less than two months, landed property are appreciating astronomically in the area, most of the abandoned buildings are being considered for renovations. The long based trader and artisans in the area now in ecstasy as their business activities keep recording growth day by day.

The face-lifting is checkmating the excesses of the motorcyclists who charges exorbitantly. Elderly ones who were familiar with the history of the road were recording the new road and sending it to their children in diaspora who are formally residence of the area, because it was unimaginable that a governor will come and delivered the road as promised in six months.

However, for the governor who have done this for the people of Alekuwodo, my expectation from the people is theory of reciprocity by taking ownership of the road maintenance and reward Oyetola with massive support. The governor has equally demonstrated trust and capacity in leadership, he has discharged his duties as leader and as responsible citizen, we must discharge our duties by paying tax and use the new road moderately, it is for ease of movement not a suicide licence. Oyetola pa egun run

Fatai Tijani ,an activist writes from Alekuwodo, Osogbo, State of Osun

Hammed Tajudeen is the editor in-chief of Blaze News, holds Higher National Diploma(HND) in Mass Communication, graduated from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree.

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