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Are Ugly Ladies More Faithful To Their Men?



Hi esteemed readers! Hope we are keeping safe? Please don’t forget our face masks, if we must go out. I must use this medium to appreciate you for your contributions to this column.

It has been overwhelming for me; it is also humbling. Know this please, you are appreciated. Like Tuface Idibia says, ”without you, there will be no me.”

Today’s piece is about who is more prone to stick to her man no matter what. The one that will be there for her man 24/7; you get? I ask, does it or should it have anything to do with a lady’s physical looks? You will recall that the Holy Bible tells us that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made, meaning that in an ideal situation, nobody, especially a woman is expected to be ugly.

You must also agree with me that a man’s beauty should not be measured by his physical appearance! I feel it should be measured by the beauty of his purse; oh sorry, his fat account; no, I mean his pocket.

Back to my female counterparts, in my opinion, I don’t feel there are ugly women. What I know is that there are women who have stubbornly refused to update their looks.

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The white men call them “plain Janes” ugly Bettys’ and so forth. There are women who have refused to make heads turn in their direction. Comedian Basket Mouth once joked about “ugly girls, being more faithful to their men”.

He said if you want a long lasting relationship, you should ”stick to an ugly girl”! He added that when you date a pretty lady, that there is huge risk of her cheating on you and you will have very little control over her because if you query her outings she will be quick to opt out. But the ugly lady, ”for fear of being dumped by you, will do your every bidding”.

Dear Basket Mouth, I love you and your shows, your jokes but on this one, I completely disagree with you. I would like to remind the men that they are wired by sight; having said that I feel it will be fool hardy for a man to want to settle for a lady based on her ‘’ugly look”.

Being loyal to your man is not measured only by your physical appearance. A lot goes into a relationship. A whole lot! Women, as I have consistently said on this page, are wired by thoughts and words.

How well do you really touch your woman? Remember Dolly Parton’s ”Touch your woman; everything is gonna be okay”

Touch your woman,

Let me know oh oh,

Let me know oh oh,

Everything is alright.

A woman needs helping hands, needs somebody to understand her. Two things are basic to keep us women glued to you like white on rice, and that is the man’s touch and his words. Know what to say and say the right things to her. Know where to touch, oh, let me sneak in this third one.

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Women love men that listen. Yes, good listeners for that matter. Not the man that yawns, when you are telling him how horrible your day went.

Ugly ladies can cheat on a man as often as pretty babe does, especially when you make her feel like you are doing her a favour by dating her. Believe me; the moment another guy shows her little attention, she will be gone before you know it!

How do you explain a very pretty lady dating an ugly guy? It is because of the way he treats her. I once knew of Kate, (not real name).

She was always seen with this guy; a lot of people could not understand what Kate saw in him. Reason: ”Kate was dropped dead gorgeous, while her man was ugly, to put it mildly. Was it money? Far from it! In fact it was Kate that was spending on him. But she confided that it was the way he made love to her.

She claimed that he was thorough. She also claimed that he was so thorough that he would kiss her right from her forehead to her ears, eyes, nose, chin, neck. Take note that most women love it when kisses are planted on their necks, everywhere to even her toes.

Yes, he did all that for her. And that was why she dated no other fellow even when every other guy attempted to date her! She claimed back then that he was her bus stop!

Basket Mouth in his joke also said if you leave an ugly lady alone for months on end, you can be rest assured that you will come back and meet her the same way you left her.

Believe me Basket Mouth, if you don’t treat her well, whether ugly or beautiful, she will dump you so fast you won’t know what hit you.

So, my submission is, whether a lady is ugly or not, her been faithful lies a great deal with how her man treats her.

Source: The Nation

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Hammed Tajudeen is the editor in-chief of Blaze News, holds Higher National Diploma(HND) in Mass Communication, graduated from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree.

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