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How we get more Traffic by using google Analytics?



shiv rajby shiv rajJanuary 22, 2020
Find your Traffic by Google Analytics…

Traffic is an important thing in any type of business, Websites, Youtube channel, Blogs, or any social media platform. If you are using any types of social media platforms then you definitely need more traffic to increases the volume of money as well as followers.

Mostly, it used for giving advertisement and you can find your traffic with the help of Google analytics. Which is easier to find out with this website.

Every person wants to know where from you getting traffic comes and which types of sources you are getting traffic which location, operating system, device these like of question they have in their mind.

So, Today we discuss Google Analytics…

It is good sources about how we can find our traffic by taking the help of Google Analytics. We can measure our traffic also. We can find out a single person who is watching our social media page, websites, blogs, etc…

Click here to start your Google Analytics:
How we can find our Analytics?

Active Users.

When we start our analytics we can find out how many active users on our website. Page view as per minute, top active pages or real-time report we can find on the first page of Google Analytics. It is a very advanced feature on this website and it’s very helpful for us.

Find Age.

With the help of this analytics, we can find people by their age which age person using searching our website or blog in their system. For example, a person using their device and we want to know which aged person is him then we can judge the age of a person by using Google Analytics.
Gender Finder.

If we want to know which gender is using on their device we can easily find out the gender of any person by using google analytics really is the very easy and secure way to know that gender of a person checking and get information by our website.
Overview of people.

Overview of any pages, post to know that we can find in real-time, audience, content, events, a conversation we find out these things in google analytics. This is very exciting thin in this website to make our audience on a single page of websites and they don’t know about it how we can find out on a single page by clicking some clicks on our laptop or mobile site.

The behavior of the audience.

We can judge the behavior of the audience in google analytics when we scroll down on a page of analytics we can find out an option of behavior which is also an amazing page in this website to find out our audience like site content, site speed, site searches, events, publisher those we check on this website.


It’s such a nice thing on this website If we want to know which country people are using our website and in which city amazing it is. Yes, friends it really trues we can find any particular places also with the help of google analytics. I like so much this feature on this website.

we can find their proper location like a google satellite.


If we want to know which devices our website id running at that time so we can use google analytics to know on which device our blog studying. For example, I have a mobile phone of apple and m searching Wikipedia on my mobile so, they can find my device on this website.

Screen Resolution.

As well as we can find the screen resolution also which also an amazing fact on this website to use in search of the traffic. Like my mobile phone resolution is 360*640 this resolution you can find out by using google analytics.

So, Attach your blog or website and any social media platform which access google on this website and enjoy this on our operating system.

Google analytics

Source :Learn Current

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