Operation Amotekun : Innuaguration Will Take Place Today In Ibadan-Ekiti Govt


The Special Adviser to Ekiti State Governor on security, Brigadier General Ebenezar Ogundana (retd.) also confirmed that the launch would take place in Ibadan as scheduled.

He said, “The launch is taking place in Ibadan on Thursday (today). The headquarters will be at Ibadan. All the states in the South-West are already gathering in Ibadan in readiness for the launch.

The security adviser said all the 120 branded Operation Amotekun vehicles – 20 vans from each of the six southwest states – would be there in Ibadan for the launch. He added that after the launch, the vehicles would be dispatched to the respective states.

Ogundana said that the size of the troops would be determined by what each of the six states had capacity for and based on the level of security threat.

He stated, “Every state government will fund the troops in its state. It is the capacity of a state that will determine the size of troops it needs.

“Each state will determine what it needs and what it can afford. You know the states are not the same; the threats are not the same and the strengths are not the same. It is when we come back from the launch now that we will determine our actual needs.”

The Ekiti State Commissioner for Information, Muyiwa Olumilua, dismissed a rumour that South-West governors had been invited to Abuja on Wednesday for a meeting over Amotekun, fuelling fears the launch might be halted.

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