Iwo Princess Caution Obas On Disrespecting Oluwo Throne, Sue For Unity


The umbrella body of princes and princess in Iwo, have discredited the attitude of some kings constituting division to the traditional institution in Iwoland, noting the land is indivisible.

The princes cautioned kings teaming against the instruction of the Oluwo of Iwoland on frequent land selling and laying sovereign authority on portion bequeathed to them in Iwoland to revisit history of the land.

Addressing press today in Iwo, the umbrella body of the princes, felt concerned with the attitude of some Obas constituting threat to the unity of the land, advising them to respect the historical tradition and authority of Oluwo, the only consenting authority in the traditional institution of the district.

The prince hinted the traditional institution in Iwoland is a binding force of togetherness, urging traditional rulers to respect the interest of surviving generation who may be victims of schism.

Speaking, the head of the princes, Chief Moluberin of Iwoland, Prince Najeem Abolusodun, said Iwoland unity is indivisible, cautioned the culpable Obas to regard their benefactor, noting the deeds of allegiance consented at extension of crown should be respected.

Moluberin disclosed the creation of Ayedire and Ola Oluwa local governments out of the old Iwo local government was for administrative purpose which does not in any way gave traditional sovereignty to the towns under those local councils.

He further stated that the crown given to each of those Obas were properties of Oluwo out of love and generosity. He tasked the Obas disobeying Oluwo to revisit their history, noting no grateful Oba in Iwoland will question the authority of Oluwo.

“As a prince and the head of the Molabis, we stand for the indivisible peace of Iwoland our father, Oluwo represents. Iwoland is indivisible. Oluwo has never taken any Oba for granted except for those who tried to cross his part and stamp on his rights”

“Oluwo is a lover of peace and respecter of human dignity. He respects other Obas without discrimination. We as princes, cherish peace our father preaches and could not tolerate taking his instruction to stop selling our land for granted”

“Unity is a vehicle to achieve common goal. Traditional institution is the strongest binding force in our land. The force should not be tore for personal interest. Our land is our asset, no wrong in Oluwo curbing excessive land selling by Obas. His instruction is for future security. His argument is simple and reasonable. Others should think of it and abide by it”

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In his argument, Prince Adedimeji Semiu Fanta said no Oba in Iwoland has crown without the consenting authority of Oluwo. His stated the generosity extended by Oluwo should not be betrayed by democracy.

He said crown is the symbol of authority extended to lesser Obas by the Oluwo. And as such, the peace of togetherness Oluwo is preaching should be respected and his stand on selling our lands to speculators be halted. Fanta lauded Oluwo for protecting the future of Iwoland by reserving our land, noting very few kings have such futuristic dream for his subjects as Oluwo.

“Oluwo do accord these Obas in Iwoland respect but they took advantage of his modern mixed with native intelligence. We have appealed to Oluwo and we need to strictly warn those Obas. Peace is our strength, those Obas should let peace breath”

“Kuta, Ileogbo, Ogbaagbaa, Ikonifin, Oluponna, Ikire, Ogburo, Ajagunlase, Agberire etc are all extension of Iwoland. And no one can divide the established unity. The instruction from Oluwo on frequent land selling was to protect the future of the surviving and unborn generations”

“We want to state it categorically that we can no longer endure the pain of taking insults from these Obas we upgraded from Baale. Oluwo has exercised his leniency enough but we as the princes, our gentility is taking for stupidity.

“We are using this medium to express our dissatisfaction against their actions and warn them to be peaceful in their conducts. Whoever is fed up with the truth Oluwo symbolized should dropped his crown. You can’t insult our stool while given you instructions against indiscriminate selling of our land”

“Iwo is indivisible. Ayedire and Ola Oluwa local governments were carved out in 1990/1991 for administrative purpose which does not in any way divide us traditionally. Politically, the two councils exist under Iwo Federal Constituency till date. We gave all the Obas under these local governments crown.

“They pay tribute annually and never disobey our order as contained in the vowed statements before our land and crown were bequeathed. The tributes were later stopped as a mark of togetherness”

“We want to call the attention of the government most especially Governor Gboyega Oyetola and security force to control excessive land selling by monarchs.

“That will have not seen any offence in Oluwo instructing Obas under him to stop selling lands which is part of the future of the surviving and unborn generations.

“Oluwo went further to advise them to lease but to our surprise, they keep selling such that, many of the towns under Iwo are compressed with their lands sold to speculators.”

Others among the stakeholders who spoke to the press were:Prince Sarafa Osunwo, the Aremo Oluwo (Prince Adelani Akanbi, Sooko Paarin of Iwo (Prince Taofiq Oladimeji Tadese, Akeem Tadese Arolu.

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