NASFAT Bans Its Branches From Holding Dec/Jan Cross Over Tahjud Nationwide


The Islamic organisation, Nasrul-lahi-li Fathi Society of Nigeria, NASFAT, has banned its branches nationwide from holding end of the year December 31st/January 1 cross over tahajjud.

This was contained in a memo signed by its National Dawah Officer who doubled as Mission Board Secretary,Animashaun Uthman.

Read the memo below:

Salam alaykum wa rahmatul laah wa baarakatuhu,

I write to remind us all that the above-mentioned type of tahajjud is not one of NASFAT programmes and thus no Branch of NASFAT Society is allowed to hold such in any manner.

It has come to the notice of the office of the Chief Missioner that some branches do organize this tahajjud under the disguise that they are holding other NASFAT-accepted socio-religious functions. This is not acceptable and I have the instruction of the CM to inform us that any Missioner that does otherwise will be sanctioned appropriately.

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Missioners having any challenge on this in their Branches are to bring this to the notice of the Chief Missioner through the National Dawah Officer/Mission Board Secretary.

May Allah ease our affairs.


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