‘Nothing Shameful With Falling Asleep’, Irbard Begs Ghanians To Stop Mocking Akufo-Addo


Ghanians have taken to social media to mock the west African country President, Akufo-Addo spotted in many public occasions sleeping.

Akufo-Addo whom his fellow patriots tagged as old man in videos that have went viral showing the president sleeping amidst crowds.

Chief Executive Officer of Irbard Security Consult and peace ambassador for the 2016 election however urged Ghanians to stop mocking the old man saying it is not right .

Reacting to a viral news video shot from Niger that captured President Akufo-Addo once again sleeping in public during a national event in the republic of Niger, Irbard said it is a “natural phenomenon” for old people to sleep and there is nothing shameful about it.

“I see nothing shameful with falling asleep. Please don’t criticize the President over a natural phenomenon. There is no human being under the sun who doesn’t sleep! I am told this picture was taken in Niger. But please I keep asking: is it a crime to dose off for a few moments in a conference?” Irbard asked.

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Defending further, Irbard called on Ghanaians to appreciate their leaders and stop subjecting them to mockery because they are humans and like all of us are also imperfect.

“As young as I am, I have closed my eyes a couple of times during conferences and summits. How much more a respected elderly statesman who has for decades offered himself to serve this nation and has been given the opportunity to do so at an advanced age?

“Please stop bringing up an issue which is a natural phenomenon. Let’s appreciate the efforts our leaders put in as they serve us no matter how imperfect they are. Who is perfect in the first place – you? I doubt!” He added.

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