Is Nigerian Postal Service Dead Or Alive


By Isaac Kemi, Asaba

Despite advancement in technology which has taken Modern dimension in sending and delivering of goods from one party to another with ease contrary to what it used to be in the 1980s, the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) still stands tall with its potential.

Few Nigerians born in the early 2000 have shallow knowledge about the existence of NIPOST and its less patronizing has thrown this governmental sector into a less productive with pocket-size revenue to add to the country’s economy.

Research has shown that this government-owned and operated corporation was established by the British colonial masters in 1852 and later before it was handed over to Nigeria government after independent in 1960 suffered patronage from factions of the country who are mainly elites and middle class citizens.

NIPOST is the Nigerian postal administration responsible for providing postal services in Nigeria. It has more than 20,000 employees and runs more than 5,000 post offices.

Abubakar Saheed, a teacher who spoke with Blaze Newz said, government should invest more in the sector to make it attractive to users both in Nigeria and international.

He further said, time to time publicity should also be sponsored by the establishment for awareness on their services this will make the new generation to know about NIPOST services.

Blaze Newz also gathered from NIPOST Official In Ebu, Delta State who pleaded to remain anonymous said that the establishment still enjoys patronize from its service users with it new advanced operation.

Mentioning the new services, he said the establishment have the following Business Ventures, EMS, Bulk Post Venture, NIPOST Central Workshop, Philatelic Services, Courier Regulatory Services, Parcel Post Venture and Nipost PostCash.

“As part of efforts and standardizing its operation in order to meet up with global practice, NIPOST launched an online accessibility where users can apply online and will be assigned a Post Office Box After Completion Of The Application Process” the official said.


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