By: Micheal Adekunle,Ospoly

Osun State Polytechnic, Iree students have raised alarm to the management of the institution to caution security men who harass students of the institution on their choice of dressing.

This alarm was made known through a statement issued by a group addressed as aggreived students and made availabe to Blaze Newz.

The aggrieved students in the statement said “Ever Conscious Nigerian Students, we have come to salute you all for being a good representation of our noble institution, as we all know that the way you dress, the way you are addressed, since December last year the management has empowered some security to take charge of indecent dressing which is the normal way of addressing such issue.

“Unfortunately to our notice, one of this security men turn it to an avenue of harassing and embarrassing the students who wears palm shoes to campus to go back home”.

The concern students decribed activities of the security men as unfortunate act and stressed that “Our female students were also being sent back home to lose their hair on premises of being longer and coloured attachments.

Lamenting the situation they said “Our eyes have been set on the security men on how our students are being addressed” warned that they should “halt the statement of threatening the students with Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC)”.

“It is what we have as a responsible students that we wear on to campus not compelling us to meet up with campus wears standard, when our necks have been overloaded with unethical bills on campus”.

They further explained that they are not standing against the war of indecent dressing ,noted that the security personnels should focus on student who may have put on any wear that doesn’t portrait the good image of our elegant institution.

They however appealed to the school management to act urgently saying this is in order not to cause havoc on campus adding that they can not engage in stealing all because they want to wear shoes and trousers.



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