Blackface Continues Rivary War With Former Friend, 2face


The supremacy ‘war’ between 2face Idibia and Blackface seem won’t be ending anytime soon as Blackface took to his Instagram page to threaten his former friend 2face sayin his career will end this year.

This is as their long standing fight has taken another dimension in 2019.

Blackface has always attack former Plantashun Boiz group friend, 2face, of stealing song that belong to hime and other copyright infringement.

Blackface had come out in the open to threaten 2face again, telling him that his career was finally coming to an end in 2019.

The controversial singer took to his instagram account and wrote:

“Can the #WAR officially begin @official2baba? I say it has now #officially… even though you been taking secret shots but you can come out in the open now You know your career is going to end when this is finally over #youareoverwith2019.”

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