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Christmas Is Beyond Eating Chicken And Rice



By:Adeboye Adebayo

There is no doubt, Christmas is one of the festive celebration with dynamic funfairs everywhere in the World. The weather that accompanies the festive season is a uniquely different one, the mood of the period is always awesome though cannot been seen but be felt adequately. The glitz, glamour and lightings with massive creative decorations across all streets, roads, parks, corporations’ headquarters in the World are always there to add flavour to the mood of the season.

The Father Christmas shows across the Churhes, Schools, Media Houses, Government Ministries and the nooks and crannies of the World is another memory that is not attached to any festival of the World, doling out of gifts by the Santa Claus to the Children with the same Worldwide uniform of Red & White attire including beards, stylish cap and eye glasses is a symbolic features attached to the season.

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Two legged animals of Chicken and Turkey with varieties of Rice and assorted drinks are common features associated with the season of Christmas. Christmas is indeed a unique and special season every where in the World.

However, beyond this merriment attached to it, as a people, we must look deep into it and endeavour to see things from another perspective of life in the spirit of the special season.

Reflecting on it, I discovered that many of us, especially young people dwell much on the merrymaking aspect of the season alone and neglect the other part.

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Christmas symbolises the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ by a blessed Virgin Mary, a young woman who distinguished herself in all factes of life despite the level of immorality therein then in the World, which made her qualified for the Holy pregnancy that led to the unique birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, who saves the World and people therein, who believes in him from the shackles of Satan.

As young men and ladies today, how distinguished are you to be qualified for the challenges of saving this World and indeed our country from the shackles of poverty, hunger, kidnapping, illiteracy among other problems and worries starring our country boldly in the face.


As a student or a young graduate, what solution have you provided to the problems of the World and indeed of our great country, Nigeria. Are you a greedy and envious young man or woman who indulges in characters assassinations or bring him down syndrome or you are gossipers who had no jobs except to destroy the society by destroying the goodwill and good deeds/intentions of other people, all of these are not part of the features that made Holy Mary qualified for the special role she played in the life of humanity.

Joseph; the carpenter took care of the holy pregnancy he was not responsible for, he trusted his virgin wife and sacrificed everything to raise the saviour of the World and prepared him as a child ahead of the tasks of saving the World.

We need to trust ourselves as a people, we need to understand ourselves, we need, as a people, politicians, business people or public workers among others to be ready to sacrifice enough for the greatness of our society.

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Where Jesus Christ was born and to the family he was born into, do not humanly reflect his status as a saviour of the World but that shows God’s ways & thinking are indeed different from ours.

The humility that is attached to the birth and raising of Jesus Christ is another lesson we must imbibe beyond merriment in this Christmas period. We must not look down on people since we are not God who is the creator of heaven and earth with everything therein including man.

The gifts brought to Jesus Christ by the three wise men and the uniqueness of the Boxing Day are another important lessons of the season. Beyond the merrymaking during this special season, we must imbibe the spirit and culture of giving to the less privileged around us. We must be ready to genuinely share what we have with the people be it money, food items, clothes and other materials with good heart to make them and God happy; once you do it for any of the people, you have done it for me.

We must endeavour in the spirit of this special season to be destiny helper and not destiny destroyer.


Like our political leader; Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who had made a lot of people in the World, he had helped to shape the destinies of many people to manifestation and reality for the betterment of the society and he has a genuine and committed intentions to do more because Baba understands what Christmas means beyond merriment and we; his ardent supporter, believer and followers are trying to do things differently too and positively to make the World a better place.

As young people in our field of endeavours, we must drop the ideas of envy, bring him down, character assassinations, unhelpful gossiping, eye-serving, backbiting and indeed all social vices that are not in tandem with the spirit of the special season rather we must imbibe the spirit of being our brothers’ keepers & helpers, we must show committed love to ourselves as a society and we must come together genuinely and be in charge of our own destinies and do everything within our power to support our political, economic and spiritual leaders to take our country to the next level of growth and development for the betterment of all and sundry as stakeholders in Nigeria project.

May God bless our great country; Nigeria and Nigerians. May he bless the World real good.


Adeboye Adebayo is a Director @ Reloaded Concepts; a consultancy firm in Media, Research, Strategy & Governance; (MRS.G.) National Publicity Secretary, Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation; AGF, Coordinator, Buhari Media Advocates; BMA and a Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress; APC.

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Hammed Tajudeen is the editor in-chief of Blaze News, holds Higher National Diploma(HND) in Mass Communication, graduated from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree.

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